War Being Declared on IM “Guru’s”

Hello World!

Welcome to my Blog.

I started this blog in an effort to help newbies on the World Wide Web and to expose the unscrupulous, unethical

practices of some of these blood sucking vultures (internet marketing gurus). I’m certain many of you that are reading

this post have had encounters with some of them. I’m not saying all successful marketers are dishonest and unethical.

Many (successful marketers) are legitimately very wealthy and honestly helping newbies to also become successful,

although it’s been my experience they are few and far between.

The most honest and ethical IM marketer i know of is Eric Holmlund.  EricsTips.com

He is a rare breed.

There are a lot of newbies that are aspiring to become internet marketer and they are not aware of the actual time,

investment, learning curve, and dedication involved to become an internet marketer.

A senario starts like this; the newbie either gets an email (after putting their name & email address in a squeeze page form)

telling him/her how they can become filthy rich using the internet, or the newbie does a google search for “how to make money

on internet”. Then the newbie lands on “guru site” after “guru site” offering him/her an absolute “rags to riches” course or

some kind of piece of junk “automated B… S… software” to pull in thousands, even millions of $$$ into you bank account on


If it sounds too good to be true… then that’s right…It’s probably too good to be true.

Also, be aware as some so called guru’s form a partnership together in a “clique” passing opt-in email addresses they

have harvested through squeeze pages and passing on to their affiliate partners so they can get a slice of the “new newbie pie”.

I’ve seen and heard this happening so many times and that is why im Declaring War on these unscrupulous, greedy, stone hearted vultures.

In conclusion; My recomendation is SAVE your Money and get FREE Training Course at EricsTips.com

You will become more knowledgeable and you will also have peace of mind knowing that those “Unethical Guru’s” will not get over on you again.  Peace..Enjoy!

Rob S.